Rehearsal Recording Links

Honor Chorus:

As Recorded on JW Pepper Website

1.  I Will Sing   Andy Beck. 3Part         #45706

I Will Sing-Part 1 I Will Sing-Part 2 I Will Sing-Part 3 

2.  Fiddle I Fee  John Purifoy 2 Part  #10310156

Fiddle I Fee-Part 1 Fiddle I Fee-Part 2 

3.  Ubi Caritas Bryan Sharp. SAB   #15/3515H-3

Ubi Caritas-Part 1 Ubi Caritas-Part 2 Ubi Caritas-Part 3 

4.  Sisi Sote Andy Beck.    SSA   #43314

Sisi Sote-Part 1 Sisi Sote-Part 2 Sisi Sote-Part 3 Sisi Sote- Small Ensemble m.47 

5.  When  You Believe Stephan Schwartz. 2Part   #3176674

     (Festival & Honor Chorus)

When You Believe-Part 1 When You Believe-Part 2 

Instructions:  Go to the JW Pepper Website.  Put the number of the selection in the "Search Box."  Click on the "audio icon" next to 2 part, 3 part, etc. and then listen to the "professional youth chorus" perform the selected

selection. Continue to play the selection, "over and over" again to gain the necessary familiarity with your voice part.  Go back to the JW Pepper Website as often as you like to listen to your songs.

William Mayo- Honor Chorus Conductor

String Orchestra:  Click on each title to listen/practice with.

If interested, there are two apps for slowing down the recordings without changing the pitch:


Strings Royale

Just Add Music  

German Dance by Mozart 

Fun Fun Fun 

Bella Bocca Polka 

Last Updated: 1/21/24