Audition Materials are posted on each page along with Tentative rehearsal dates.  All Concert locations and dates are set. Please make sure to join the band app using the QR code below or on any of the pages. 

Updated: 6/24/24

We will be using the Band App again this year.  Please scan the qr code below to join the Archdiocesan Elementary Festival Group. You will receive reminders for weekend rehearsals and last minute updates due to inclement weather.  This will be the mail source of communication straight to the parents for the 2024-25 school year.

Updated 6/24/24

Honor Band 

Festival Band

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Honor Chorus

Festival Chorus

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8th Grade Festival Scholarship Opportunity

-       To be awarded to an 8th grade student of an Archdiocesan elementary or regional school who becomes a 

member and participates in the 2024-25 Honor Band, Honor Chorus, or String Orchestra.

-       Must be used for tuition to a regular Archdiocesan High School (not private high school) and participate in that school’s band, choral, or string program.

-       Applicant must submit an application to Jennifer Monaghan by:

-       Honor Band due TBA Jan. 26, 2024

-       7/8 Chorus due TBA Feb. 1, 2024

-       String due TBA March 7, 2024

-       Scholarship will be awarded at the 2025 Honor Band Concert, Choral Concert or String Orchestra Concert.

-       Scholarship check will be sent directly to the student’s high school tuition department.

Click here for the Application